SmallWorld Soccer Named Official Sponsor of the 2021 Lower League eCup

by Joe Meyer

The Lower League eCup is thrilled to announce that SmallWorld Soccer has been named an official sponsor of the 2021 Lower League eCup. As part of the Sponsorship deal, SmallWorld has acquired the naming rights to the Second Division of the Lower League eCup, and the Second Division of the 2021 tournament will be known as the Lower League eCup - SmallWorld Second Division.

SmallWorld Soccer is a media outlet dedicated to covering American grassroots soccer, working “to serve the underserved” in American soccer through a blog, a podcast, and another exciting medium to come. In addition to regular content through their primary SmallWorld platform, SmallWorld Soccer provides occasional Spanish content through SmallWorld ñ and women’s content through SmallWorld Women.

Taking a unique, lighthearted, and positive approach to grassroots soccer, SmallWorld strives to elevate and spotlight the grassroots soccer community. As SmallWorld Soccer Founder Danny Kotula stated, “SmallWorld Soccer is that weird cousin-in-law that you didn’t ask for but kinda appreciate.:

“We’re thrilled to announce SmallWorld Soccer as a sponsor of the 2021 Lower League eCup,” said eCup President Joe Meyer. “Their dedication to serving the underserved in American soccer has provided a platform for countless grassroots clubs to share their stories. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with SmallWorld for the upcoming 2021 tournament!”

“The Lower League eCup represents literally everything SmallWorld was founded for,” said Kotula. “It connects our community, represents a competitive spirit that we love, and has gained a ton of traction and exposure for clubs that deserve it. Being a part of that is a no brainer!”

To learn more about SmallWorld Soccer, visit them on social media or their website! The eCup looks forward to working with SmallWorld in 2021!

  • Twitter & Instagram - @smlwld_official

  • Twitter (Spanish) - @smlwld_ñ

  • Twitter (Women’s) - @smlwld_women

  • Facebook - @smallworldsoccer

  • Website -