Playoff Scenarios: PlayStation Division II, Group D

by Joe Meyer

It’s that time of year! The eCup Group Stage is winding down and it’s time to start looking ahead to the Knockout Stage. Prior to the final matchday of each group, we’ll break down Playoff Scenarios for all twenty-one groups.

Today, we’re breaking down Group D of the PlayStation Second Division. You can view the breakdowns for other groups here.

PlayStation Second Division, Group D

Remaining Matches:

  • Sunday, January 23rd @ 3:00 p.m. ET | 1874 Northwich vs. Iowa Raptors FC
  • Sunday, January 23rd @ 3:30 p.m. ET | Birmingham Legion FC vs. 1874 Northwich

Birmingham Legion FC (USLC) - Sitting at a perfect six points through two matches, Birmingham is through to the Knockout Stage and can clinch the group title against 1874 Northwich on Sunday. With a win, Birmingham, represented by Micah Smith, will clinch the Group D title. 

With a draw, Birmingham can still win the group outright with an Iowa Raptors FC win or draw against Northwich in the early match. A draw and an 1874 win over the Iowa Raptors will put Northwich & Birmingham in a tie for first place on points, and first and second place would be decided on tiebreakers. Birmingham could finish anywhere from first to third with a loss. If 1874 Northwich defeats Birmingham and earns at least a draw against Iowa, Birmingham will finish second in the group. If Birmingham loses to 1874 and Iowa defeats 1874, the group will end in a three-way tie and be decided on tiebreakers.

Iowa Raptors FC (MWPL) - Currently sitting in second place with three points through two matches, the Iowa Raptors, represented by Colton Vincent, have clinched a knockout stage berth and could finish anywhere from first to third in the group.

With a win over, Iowa will finish second in the group with a Birmingham win or draw against Northwich, or finish in a three-way tie for first with a Northwich win over Birmingham. The Raptors will finish either second or third place with a draw against Northwich. In this case, the Raptors would either finish in third if Northwich wins or tie against Birmingham, but would finish in a tie for second place with a Northwich loss to Birmingham. With a loss to Northwich, Iowa will finish third in the group.

1874 Northwich (UK, Northern League) -  Sitting in third place entering Group D’s final matchday, Jack Owen from 1874 Northwich controls his own destiny and could finish anywhere from first to third in the group.

To clinch the group outright, Northwich needs to defeat Birmingham and get at least a draw against Iowa. Should Northwich lose to Birmingham, they would need to defeat Iowa to clinch second place outright. Draws in both of Northwich’s matches will see the UK side finish in second place in the group, while losses in both matches will result in a third-place finish. Any other combination of results will put Northwich into a two-or-three-way tiebreaker for positioning.

Kensington SC (EPSL) - Kensington withdrew from the tournament following the second week of the group stage, and as such will not be participating in the Knockout Stage.