Knockout Stage Scenarios - Sunday 3/5

by Joe Meyer

Math is hard. We’re here to help!

With three groups in action tonight (3/5), we’re breaking down exactly what each side needs to do to qualify for the knockout stage!


The top two clubs from each group advance to the knockout stage, while the remaining entrants will be placed in one of two consolation brackets, modeled after the UEFA Europa & Conference League.

Additionally, in Division II, the top two third-place finishers advance to the Knockout Stage as "Wild Cards". There are no Wild Card berths in the Premier Division.


8:00 ET - Greenville Triumph SC vs. Dutch Guard SG

8:00 ET - Colorado Switchbacks FC vs. Superior Wolfpack FC

8:30 ET - Superior Wolfpack FC vs. Louisville City FC

Group G

Forward Madison FC has already won the group, winning all three group stage matches by a combined total of 12 goals.

Greenville Triumph SC can finish second and advance to the knockout stage with a win, draw, or loss by three goals or less against the Dutch Guard.

The Dutch Guard SG can finish second and advance to the knockout stage with a win by four goals or more against Greenville.

Maryland Bobcats FC has been eliminated.

Group H

Superior Wolfpack FC can win the group with a win or draw. The Wolfpack can also clinch a knockout stage berth with a loss by two goals or less, as well as a loss and Motorik draw or loss on Tuesday.

Motorik FC can clinch a knockout stage berth with a win this week. Motorik can also clinch a knockout stage berth with an equal or better result than Louisville City, so long as Motorik remains ahead of the Greenville Liberty on goal difference.

Louisville City FC can clinch a knockout stage berth with a win by three goals or more or with a better result (not including GD) than Motorik FC this week.

The Greenville Liberty can clinch a knockout stage berth with a win, a Louisville loss, and by finishing with a better goal difference than Motorik FC.

DII - Group C

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FCDelaware Rising SC, and Superior Wolfpack FC have all already clinched a knockout stage berth, and are assured of a wild card berth at minimum.

Those three clubs can all finish anywhere from first to third in the group based on a multitude of potential scenarios, with the standings ultimately set to be determined by the eCup’s tie-breaking procedure of (a) Head-to-Head Result, (b) Goal Difference, (c) Goals Scored, (d) Total Wins, and (e) Coin Toss/Drawing of Lots.

The Soccer Plug has been eliminated from knockout stage contention.