Knockout Stage Brackets & First Round Schedule Revealed

by Joe Meyer

The Knockout Stage Brackets for the PlayStation & Xbox Divisions (DI & DII) of the 2022 Lower League eCup are now available!

Matchups were selected by a random, weighted draw system. All Brackets are single-elimination, with all matches being contested over two legs, with the exception of the Final match in each division.

Dates & Times for the First & Second Rounds will be released later this afternoon. Subsequent rounds (Quarterfinals - Finals), will be released on a round-by-round basis, after the participating teams for each round have been determined. Brackets and the general schedule for the Knockout Stage is as follows.

First & Second Rounds: Sunday, February 6th - Wednesday, February 9th

Quarterfinals: Thursday, February 10th - Sunday, February 13th

Semifinals: Monday, February 14th - Friday, February 18th

Final: Sunday, February 20th - Wednesday, February 23rd

PlayStation Premier Division

Xbox Premier Division

PlayStation Second Division

Xbox Second Division