2021 eCup Schedule Updates

by Joe Meyer

The times and dates for the Xbox & PlayStation Premier Division Round of 16 and Quarterfinals, as well as the Semifinals of the PC Premier Division and SmallWorld Second Division of the 2021 Lower League eCup Presented by Offside Marketing are set! Out of the 120 total entrants that began the tournament, only 44 (37%) remain across the five divisions.

Times and dates for the upcoming rounds can be found below, and are subject to change in the case of unforeseen circumstances. All times listed below are Eastern.

PlayStation Premier Division - Round of 16
Thursday, February 115:00 p.m. ETBrickyard Battalion SGBlack Rock FC
Thursday, February 118:00 p.m. ETSan Lee FCDynamo FC - St. Cloud
Thursday, February 1110:00 p.m. ETAFC MobileTulsa Athletic
Thursday, February 1111:00 p.m. ETOxnard GuerrerosVlora FC
Friday, February 128:00 p.m. ETMagic City Brigade SGSouth Bend Lions
Friday, February 129:00 p.m. ETSunflower State/Oakland County FCSmallWorld Soccer
Friday, February 129:30 p.m. ETProvidence City FCRebels FC
Saturday, February 138:30 p.m. ETGreenville Triumph SCJacksonville Armada/Colorado Springs Switchbacks
PlayStation Premier Division - Quarterfinals (Tentative)
Wednesday, February 178:00 p.m. ETMagic City/South BendGreenville/TBD
Wednesday, February 17
8:45 p.m. ETBrickyard/Black RockSmallWorld Soccer/TBD
Wednesday, February 17
9:30 p.m. ETProvidence/RebelsSan Lee/Dynamo FC
Wednesday, February 1710:15 p.m. ETMobile/TulsaVlora/Oxnard
Xbox Premier Division - Round of 16
Wednesday, February 109:00 p.m. ETLone Star Republic
Inland Empire FC
Wednesday, February 109:00 p.m. ETDekalb County UnitedUnited Serbians SC
Thursday, February 118:00 p.m. ETAFC ColumbiaDelaware Rising
Thursday, February 11
9:00 p.m. ETLansing Common FCUnion Dubuque/Bateaux FC
Thursday, February 11
10:15 p.m. ET
Northshore United
Minneapolis City/Kirkland
Friday, February 12
9:30 p.m. ET
Forward Madison FC
The Soccer Plug
Saturday, February 1311:00 a.m. ETMetro Louisville FC1874 Northwich
Sunday, February 141:00 p.m. ETLouisiana Krewe FCSporting Arizona FC
Xbox Premier Division - Quarterfinals (Tentative)
Tuesday, February 168:30 p.m. ETAFC Columbia/DelawareForward Madison/Soccer Plug
Tuesday, February 169:15 p.m. ETLansing Common/TBDDekalb County/Utd. Serbians
Tuesday, February 16
10:00 p.m. ETLone Star/Inland EmpireMetro Louisville/Northwich
Thursday, February 189:30 p.m. ETNorthshore United/TBDLouisiana Krewe/Sporting AZ
PC Premier Division - Semifinals
Sunday, February 142:00 p.m. ETDanubia Men's EliteSpace United FC
Sunday, February 143:00 p.m. ETSouth Bend LionsOakland County FC
PlayStation SmallWorld Second Division - Semifinals
Sunday, February 149:30 p.m. ETeUSL II - TucciLa Barra 608 SG
Sunday, February 1410:15 p.m. ETVlora FC IISpace United II - Martinez
Xbox SmallWorld Second Division - Semifinals
Sunday, February 148:00 p.m. ETMetro Louisville FCCS Montreal '67
Sunday, February 149:00 p.m. ETTallahassee SCJacksonville Armada FC