2021 eCup All-Tournament Teams

by Joe Meyer

The Lower League eCup is excited to announce it's All-Tournament teams for the 2021 Lower League eCup Presented by Offside Marketing.

In total, three teams were selected from the tournament pool of 100+ players. Two teams are comprised of players from the three Premier Divisions (Xbox, PlayStation, and PC), while one team is comprised of players from the Second Division (Xbox & PlayStation).

Premier Division - Best XI (First Team)

Giovanny Canas (Greenville Triumph SC)

Jamie Dawe (Black Rock FC)

Theo Foutris (Oakland County FC)

Whitney Gonsalves (Tulsa Athletic)

Andrew Mathys (Dekalb County United)

Chris Moura (Providence City FC)

Austin Robillard (SmallWorld Soccer)

Ricardo Romero (Metro Louisville FC)

Aaron Sexton (Danubia Elite)

Max Steigwardt (Minneapolis City SC)

Evan Warwick (Forward Madison FC)

Premier Division - Second Team

Ivan Calderon (Lone Star Republic)

Edson Cejudo (San Lee FC)

Devin Combs (South Bend Lions)

Nathan Chwalik (Delaware Rising FC)

Yossef Elsaway (Vlora FC)

Binh Le (Lansing Common FC)

Price Meentemeyer (AFC Columbia)

Micah Smith (Magic City Brigade SG)

Connor Swatts (The Brickyard Battalion)

Carter Voigt (Dynamo FC - St. Cloud)

Gamer X (Louisiana Krewe)

SmallWorld Second Division - Best XI

Omar Anguiano (La Barra 608 SG)

Steve Beckman (Lansing Common FC)

Hazael Bustamante (Vlora FC)

Louis Llernadi (Jacksonville Armada FC)

Alejandro Martinez (Space United FC)

Cameron Ocampo (Tallahassee SC)

Kevin Schulte (Peak XI FC)

Micah Smith (Magic City Brigade SG)

Joey Tucci (eUSL)

Ashley Turner (Metro Louisville FC)

Antony de Varennes (CS Montreal)